January 2018  
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The Summer of Planting

It is that time of the year when everyone is planting.  Whether it’s their garden or their flowerbeds, people are planting.  Riverwood is planting this spring and summer.  We are planting seeds in Lincoln.  We are scattering seeds around the church’s neighborhoods.  We are watering seeds within the fellowship. 


God has been very good to Riverwood this year.  He has blessed us in many areas.  One of those areas is opportunity for growth.  We have been praying that He would add 12 new families to our fellowship.  He has begun to bring them to us through different events from the church.  Members of the church or invites from the church have invited those families to these events.  We, all, have opportunity to join this movement by inviting our friends and family to church and to Jesus. 


I know there are objections to being apart of this.  Here are some:  I don’t have time… Aren’t you glad Jesus had time for you?  He continues to love you and pursue you in relationship.  How can we not have time?  Here’s another:  What if people respond negatively?  Yes, but what if they respond positively to the Gospel?  What if they begin a relationship with Jesus?  What if they are saved?  Either way, would you have them spend an eternity separated from God just to save your feelings of rejection?  Lastly, Why should I care?  We care because we are called to care.  Doesn’t that sound unemotional?  In some respects it is unemotional.  We are called to love people.  Love is a rational decision we make.  It is so much more than a feeling we have.  It is so much deeper than the fickle emotions we see around us.  We are called to rationally make a decision to love people and to tell them about our love relationship with Jesus. 


I love the reward of planting in the spring, because in the late summer and the early fall we have a harvest.  Would you like to see a harvest in the fall like nothing we have seen before?  Then, let’s get to planting.  Whether, through the church or the church planting efforts, let’s plant like crazy by inviting our family and friends to church and inviting them to Jesus.