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Taking the next step

Joshua 3: 15 Now the Jordan overflows its banks throughout the harvest season. But as soon as the priests carrying the ark reached the Jordan, their feet touched the water at its edge…

How hard is it for a baby to take their first step? Maybe you have a young one getting ready to take their first step, or maybe you can remember when your older children were getting ready to take that first baby step. Remember that leg swinging around getting ready. The practice “air” step about 4 or 5 times before the first attempt was made. Remember how many times they fell during the first step. Then, remember them taking that first step only to fall right away. But every time they fell they would get right back up.

How is your walking on God’s path for your life? Are you taking steps forward? Think back to the child…do you remember all those side steps that were taken? We do that a lot in our Christian walk…we take side steps. What if the priests of Israel moved side to side to find a better path? They still would not have moved forward. It would have been a lot of activity, but they would not have moved forward. So it is with us. We use EVERYTHING as an excuse (oh wait, I mean, reason) to not move forward. Stop using the petty excuses. (Someone hurt my feelings or they shouldn’t have done that). It’s time to move forward. Feelings are not right or wrong, they just are…get control of them! Most of the time we judge someone’s actions only because we are jealous…stop it!

We have grown together in the love of Christ. We, together, dove into the Word of God. We have participated in small groups with our friends of the church, but we have not taken a step forward. How can you tell? Has your faith walk changed in the last year, 2, 3, etc. (You cannot count backsliding as a change.) Has your walk moved forward? God has tremendous plans for you, but you must move forward for Him. I believe that God has kingdom-impacting ministries for Riverwood. God has life-changing events for Riverwood. God has unbelievable opportunities awaiting us, but we must move forward.

How will you begin to move forward? Will you begin to pray everyday? Just start with praying at each meal. Tell your spouse, so they can help you as you begin to move forward. Will you begin to read your Bible daily? It doesn’t have to be 90 verses or anything like that, just read. Read your verse or passage and then leave a note for your spouse as to what you read. This might begin a dialogue for the two of you. Will you become active in a ministry at Riverwood? I don’t mean sitting through a small group, but maybe leading a small group. I think we should be involved in a small group, but only for the purpose of being filled back up. This enables us to give out to the harvest.

I hope you will think about moving your faith forward and take the next step forward.

In His Service,


Pastor Todd