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To start 2014 off, I’m going to share an excerpt from our Membership class. Most of you have taken this class. Some of you have not. All of us can take something away from this excerpt. We are taking on some challenging things this year. We are beginning the effort to start a church in Lincoln. We are going to look at how our church family can grow. We will also have other ministries that begin this year. So, we will probably have a situation or two in which we have “issues”. Below is information from Membership Class 101:

You’re going to run into some people here at Riverwood you don’t like. You’re going to run into some people that may hurt your feelings either intentionally or unintention-ally. You may find some people who take credit for an idea that was yours. You may find you don’t get credit for something you did that you worked so hard on and it hurts you. You may find some people who are obnoxious. Why? Because this is a church made up of people just like you. Imperfect, sinners, saved by the grace of God, who make mistakes. You have to make a decision, if you’re going to join this church that you will have a loving heart toward those you meet and that you would be willing to do work of reconciliation and forgiveness if it’s ever needed. You’re going to need it! You’re going to need to learn to forgive and you’re going to have to be willing to do that if you’re going to join here. We don’t want people to join this church who aren’t willing to go through that process. If you decide to join, you come with an attitude that says “If I run into trouble, when I run into trouble, when I run into difficulties, when I run into situations, I promise before God to do what the Bible says and that is to work through with a loving heart to reconciliation and forgiveness.”

Another point from the membership class I would also like to share is, “Think of others more than yourself.” We sometimes get into this “it’s not my responsibility” attitude. Here is another paragraph from the membership class that addresses this.

The difference between being an attender and a member is like being on a cruise. If you’re an attender you’re just along for the ride. If you’re a member you’re actually a crew member on the cruise. Now that you join the church it’s your job to reach out and bring others in. Pray for its growth, invite others, warmly welcoming those who visit.

I believe God has some incredible things in-store for us this year. I also believe that Satan would like nothing more than to crush those things. He will do that through our relation-ships. We need to be on guard against his attacks. God Bless you and Happy New Year.


In his service,

Pastor Todd