June 2018  
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7:00 PM to 9:00 PM
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Responding to the needs around them

As we look at how we are striving to become and develop dedicated individuals that are growing in Christ, we turn now to the responding part of the purpose statement… responding to the needs around them. How do we flesh that out? What does that look like in each of our lives?

I think the first change that must take place is with us. (That’s all we will discuss.) We must lose our selfishness. We live in a world that screams selfish statements… Just do it; You deserve a break today; You’re worth it; Have it your way; Look out for #1; and the list could go on. We live in a country that has a huge dependency… on drugs, alcohol, nicotine, government, sex, and that list goes on. We need to turn against that mindset that says I, I, I. For us to be able to respond to the needs around us, we must be able to see past ourselves. You see, we can’t respond when we are too concerned about ourselves.

We finished the sermon series in October with Paul talking about becoming all things to all people, so he could win a few. Paul was talking about evangelism, but this also applies to ministry. For us to minister (respond) we need to meet people where they are. If we can’t get past our selfishness, we can’t meet them where they are. (We would be too concerned about them coming to us.)

As we continue/begin the work of restoring and restarting the church in Lincoln, we need to remember it’s not about us. It’s about them. This ministry is just another way for us to “Make room for more”. Thinking through Kidz Night Out, we are developing cards for our church members to give to parents with children to say, “Here is an op-tion for you to have a break” – Responding to their needs.

We are moving. As I talked about in October, we are on the tracks again, we are moving slowly at first. We are traveling on one of those little pump carts, where two people can work the lever like a teeter-totter to make the cart move faster. Respond-ing to the needs around us is actually getting on the cart and helping pump the levers.

Will you help us move along God’s track?

In His Service,

Pastor Todd