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Let My People GO!

Thoughts from the story of the Exodus

 In my daily quiet time I have been reading through the book of Exodus. I love the story of God using Moses to lead the people of Israel out of slavery and God delivering them into the Promised Land. There are so many things we can take from this event. I think we can apply so many of the parts of this story in our lives. Let me share just a few.

Let’s start with Moses. God wants to use us to free others from the bondage of slavery to sin, but many times we use the same excuse that Moses used. It goes something like this: "I don’t know what to say. I can’t tell them about Jesus very well." Didn’t Moses say that he was slow of speech. (Translated loosely: I don’t know what to say.) We are God’s vessel that He uses to reach individuals. Let Him use you.

How about the Israelites? They were so wishy-washy. They depended on God, they demanded of God, they denounced God and His providence. That has Todd written all over it. Could you insert your name where I placed mine? God knows the very number of hairs on your head. He loves you completely. He can’t love you more. He can’t love you less. Why would he withhold from you? (Unless it was for your good and His glory.) We need to be firm in our faith. He is God Almighty.

Lastly, how about old Pharaoh? In the beginning of this confrontation he hardened his own heart. After a while it was God who was hardening his heart. I think some times we harden our hearts to God’s leading. Why? What different kind of an outcome would have happened if Pharaoh had bowed down to God’s Lordship? If he would have released the Israelites? If he had given God the glory that is due Him? God is willing to release us from sin, but we harden our hearts to His redeeming love. We choose sin over perfection, because it’s easier. Or, it’s all we have known. Or, we want to know.

God is calling to you, "Let yourself go (to Me)" He wants all of you, not just the parts you choose. Give into Him. Let go of your sins, let go of your need to be in control, let go of your bondage. He will release you.

In his service,
Pastor Todd