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John The Book of Love

John—The book of love

A song from the 50’s coined the phrase, “Oh I wonder, wonder, who, who hoo hoo (bang) 
who wrote the book of love?”
I would like to tell you that I know the answer to that question. It was John, the Apostle, 
the one whom Jesus loved, that John. The gospel of John has been labeled the gospel of 
love. So, to hopefully enhance the messages from 1 Corinthians this fall, I would like to 
encourage you to read the book of John. How can I encourage you to read the book of John 
you ask rather incredulously? By asking you questions about this book to entice you to read 
sections at a time. I feel the gospel of John is the best gospel to start reading. Read a chapter 
or two at a time and then reflect on and answer the following questions:


Who was the Word?
Who was there in the beginning?
With what prophet was John the Baptist identified?
Who did John get to baptize?
Who was one of John’s disciples that began to follow Jesus?
What was his brother’s name?
What town did Philip reside?
What kind of tree was Philip sitting under?
What was Jesus’ first miracle? 
What did Jesus tell the money changers?
What did Jesus also say that would later be charged against him?
Whose house did Jesus visit in chapter 3?
What famous verse came from this chapter?
What happens to John, the Baptist’s ministry in chapter 3?
What was the name of the well that Jesus met the Samaritan woman?
How many husbands did the Samaritan woman have?
(A thinker) What song do we sing that was inspired from this story?
Why did Jesus talk with the Samaritan woman?
What was the seven word testimony of the Samaritan woman?
When was the official’s son healed?
Was the man in 5: 1-15 healed by the water?
Who sent Jesus?
In ch. 5 who or what testifies about Jesus?
(Easy) How many did Jesus feed?
How much was left over?
How did Jesus get across the sea?
What is Jesus referring to in Ch. 6: 53?

When did some of His disciples leave him?
Why did Jesus go to the festival of Tabernacles secretly instead of publicly?
What was Jesus’ meaning by what he said in chapter7: 33 and 36?
Why didn’t any of the Pharisees throw a stone at the adulteress woman?
Why didn’t Jesus condemn the woman?
We have heard the phrase, “His hour (or time) had not come.”. What is its meanimg?
In chapter 8: 21-29 who does Jesus always try to please?
In the next section, who are the people that are not from God?
How long had the man been blind in chapter 9?
How did Jesus heal the man? (Be detailed)
Explain the fiasco that happens from 9:13–34?
Who was really blind?
How is Jesus a Good Shepherd?
Now that you have given the “church” answer, how is He a Good Shepherd to you?
What did the Jews ask Him in 9: 24?
Did anyone throw stones at Jesus here?
In one or two paragraphs write out the story of Lazarus (on another sheet of paper).
After the events of Lazarus, who told on Jesus in 11:45?
How was Caiaphas’ prophecy true?
Do you see the tension within John about Judas and his greed?
How did Jesus enter Jerusalem?
Who spoke in John 12: 28?
What does Jesus do in Chapter 13?
Who’s feet did Jesus wash first?
What did the footwashing mean?
What was the sign for who would betray Jesus?
What is the new command that Jesus gives the disciples?
What is Jesus? 
In Chapter 14 what did Jesus ask the Father to give the disciples? 
Do you understand what Jesus is saying to His disciples in chapters 14 and 16?
How can you bear much fruit?
Did Jesus promise a perfect, peaceful life? What did He promise?
What does Jesus mean when He says, “I am going away.” or “In a little while you will not see Me.”?
In chapter 17 Jesus prays. He prays for three people or groups of people, who are they?
Who cut off a slave’s ear?
From the garden, where is Jesus taken?
Who are the three people to whom Peter denies Jesus?
Timeline the events that happen from the Garden to the Cross.
Who asked for Jesus body?
Who went to the tomb first?
Whom did she tell, and who ran to the tomb?
Who sees Jesus first?
Why didn’t Thomas believe?
Why are we blessed?
Why did Peter go fishing?
Why 153 fish?
Did Peter love Jesus?

After you have read the book of John answer these final questions.
Do you love Him more now that you have read John? 
Do you feel that you know Him now more personally?
Could you do this again with one of the other three gospels?