January 2018  
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Jesus Christ, my Savior

Jesus Christ, my Savior


I love living in North Dakota in the winter. I love being in Bismarck during the Christmas season. Many families and individuals dream of warm sandy beaches or soft green grass. Others try to remember what it was like to go outside without a coat, a scarf, a stocking hat, gloves, snow boots, cover-all’s, … well, you get the picture. I love North Dakota because we usually have snow around Christmas time. Snow reminds me of how clean Jesus makes me. Remembering how clean I have become makes me remember who’s birthday we celebrate on December 25th, Jesus.

Jesus came as a man to be the payment for the sin we became tangled in. I’m sitting here pondering all the events that happened in Jesus life. I can’t help but wonder if He knew about the cross when He was lying in the manger? As a boy when He stayed behind with the religious leaders in the temple? Did he realize that some of those same men would conspire to have Him put to death?

As I get to that point in my thought process, I think… How much did He love us for Him to go through all those situations? Events of healing, feeding, torture, death, rejection by God Himself (when sin was laid upon Jesus). Why would He do any of it? Would you, I don’t think I would? It always comes back to that unbelievable love, that unhuman love that Jesus has for us.

I hope as you were reading this, I was following your train of thinking. We celebrate the birthday of the King of kings, and the Lover of all lovers, Jesus Christ, my Savior.