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Growing In Christ

This rain is awesome


John 4: 10 “If you knew the gift of God, and who is saying to you, ‘Give Me a drink,’ you would ask Him, and He would give you living water.”


John 7: 38 The one who believes in Me,  as the Scripture  has said,  will have streams of living water  flow  from deep within him.”


I am already hearing people complain about the rain.  I have even prayed that God would stop the rain for our Lincoln hamburger feed.  (You will know the answer by the time you receive this newsletter.)  But when I think about my garden, it couldn’t be better.  It rains for a day or two, then the sun comes out and heats things up.  Rain, sun, rain sun,…you get the idea.  That is a great growing cycle. 


How would that look if you applied that to your growing in Christ.  If you would read from the Living Water of the Bible, then allowed the Son to shine in and through your life to cause you to grow.  Then, allow the Living Water to fall on you from the Word of God, followed by Jesus shining His light on you.  How would you grow?  Where would you grow?  What areas of your life would grow quickest?  Using different plants to compare to our body, what would sprout quickly like green beans?  Would it be your ability to talk with God in prayer?  Would you see more openness when you talked privately with God?  How would the different areas of your life bear fruit?  What would produce quickly like radishes?  What area would grow slowly and produce a “late” crop like corn or squash? 


I love the rain, and I am thankful we are receiving it.  I pray that you will allow some rain from our Heavenly Father to fall on you.  God has some amazing fruit He wants to produce through you.  I can wait to see it.


In His Service,