June 2018  
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7:00 PM to 9:00 PM
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Growing in Christ

I have been and am excited about the new Sunday School curriculum we are going through. It has given us an ability to become the dedicated individuals we are striving to be. The next step is growing in Christ. How can we grow? I know you are thinking the answer is to study the Bible more, to pray more, to attend church more. Yes, all of that is good. It is very good, but these are not the most important aspects of growing in Christ. I think the most important aspect is the "want to" in our lives.

All of the activities I listed above are excellent for building us up in our most holy faith. But, the problem is they are viewed as tasks to be completed. They are not looked at for the pure joy they give. They are not looked at with anticipation of finding out more about God. Many times they are looked at as an inconvenience. They are something we "have to" do. They are looked at with the same excitement as taking out the trash or washing dishes. How you view getting closer to God should be more enjoyable than these tasks.

We are given the opportunity to listen to (through reading) the King of all kings. He is the creator of everything: the heavens, our children, our parents, …everything. And He is waiting anxiously for you to come to Him. Not because you "have to", but because you "want to".

Our attitude and our desire is what makes us most "grow in Christ". When we have that desire that "need", He will run ahead of us showing us His treasures and His love. You are His child. So, how do we do this?

Obedience! Doing what you know to do, until it becomes what you want to do. We know that our pursuit of Jesus comes through prayer, so pray. We might feel that we don’t know how, then pray about not knowing how to pray. The pursuit also involves study, so study. Just begin with reading His Word. As you read, what is jumping out at you? If nothing, then you can add that to your prayer list,…help me understand and study Your Word. Our Sunday School class had a great lesson on inductive Bible study. It showed how easy it can be. Pursue Jesus by attending the Worship Celebration and the activities during the week. This is iron sharpening iron. Remember, He is anxiously waiting for you to respond. What are you waiting for?


In his service,

Pastor Todd