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Dedicated Individual

Riverwood strives to develop dedicated individuals growing in Christ responding to the needs around them.


What does this label mean? Dedicated Individual. My thoughts are this: It should apply to many things in your life. Your relationship with God, spouse, family, friends, career, etc. At Riverwood I try to teach that the first dedication would be to Jesus. Well, you ask, what does that look like? It means someone striving to be closer to God. That should include reading and studying God’s Word. It should have an element of prayer involved in it. It would also exhibit membership to a local church. 


Being dedicated to God also includes giving up, understanding that we will never measure up to God’s perfection. This was the purpose for which Jesus suffered and died. We are made perfect through Christ. We can’t do it on our own. But we can be dedicated to Jesus.


Dedicated is a pretty serious word. We have watered it down to the songs (dedications) we would call the radio station to play for our short-term girl or boyfriends back in the day. We refer it to our lackluster attitudes to our recreational leagues in which we participate. Dedicated means to be devoted to a cause, ideal, or purpose or in a word – Zealous. Another meaning is to be given over to a particular purpose or, again, in a word – Focused. Think of these words in light of your life. Are you zealous in your pursuit of God? Are you focused on Him? Please understand I am both condemning and encouraging as I write this; both for you and for me. 


I know I do not measure up. I have wrestled with being "perfect" for God. I have grappled with keeping my sin in front of me, while God is moving it as for as the east is from the west. I still work through these thoughts. Romans 8:37 says, "No, in all these things we are more than victorious through Him who loved us." We are more than victorious! Why don’t we think that way? Why don’t we feel that way? I believe it is because we are afraid to succeed. We want so badly to remember all the bad things we have done and experienced, instead of remembering all the victories. From this verse we must understand that we step forward from a position of victory. We are already victors, because Jesus is The Victor! We are His adopted children. I say this to empower you to take a step forward. Just like the Israelites, He has cleared the path for us. No matter what the future looks like, He has you in His grasp. He will never let go. Take that step you dedicated individual. He has you.


In his service,

Pastor Todd